DTD Kindergarten, Zhoupu


No. 408 Zhoukang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai


DTDKindergarten, Zhoupu


(021)5811 1759/5811 1751

DTD Kindergarten, Zhoupu

DTD Kindergarten, Zhoupu is a full-time preschool for 2-6 years olds, located at 408 Zhoukang Road, with a total land area of 5928 square meters and the building area is 11062.65 square meters.The whole garden can accommodate 15 classes, a total of 410 children. The school’s goal is to make every child responsible and empathic, loving and curious, with an international perspective and a sense of global citizenship.

Course introduction

The course is based on the theme of multi-dimensional integration of Chinese and English, which promotes the balanced development of children’s language, science, art, health, society and other fields. At the same time, DTD Kindergarten, Zhoupu, has also carried out STEAM courses, ceramics art courses, bilingual reading courses in Chinese and English, children’s sports courses, music courses and many courses. With diversified kindergarten-based courses and creative learning activities, in order to stimulate children’s keen curiosity, we learn how to cultivate the thinking of finding problems, and develop children’s creativity. Through self-learning abilities, we develop our children’s cross-cultural understanding and global awareness, and cultivate worldly young citizens in the future society.

  • Basic courses: Chinese and Foreign Theme Courses
  • Characteristic courses: English Phonics, English Picture Book Reading, English Drama Courses, STEAM Courses, Children’s Music Courses, Ceramics Art Courses, Children’s Sports Courses.
  • After-school activities: English Reading, English Drama, Baseball, Flag Football, Emperor Ballet, Chess, Lego Exploration, Robot Programming and many more.

Basic Information

  • Founding date 2018
  • Number of students 180
  • Class Size 20~26
  • Nationality of students Mainly Chinese students
  • Whether to accept foreign students Yes