DTD Kindergarten, Jingan


No. 2310 Changzhong Road, Jingan District, Shanghai


DTDKindergarten, Jingan



DTD Kindergarten, Jingan

Located in Jingan District, created by a top-design team , the DTD Kindergarten, Jingan is decorated as a warm and comfortable Boutique Garden for 2-6-year-old children. The Kindergarten sets “inspire unlimited potential” as its core value, which is to integrate multi-cultural and promote harmonious development.
the professional group of teachers is the leading force in kindergarten. Not only do they have rich teaching experience, but they also have a caring nature towards children. The teachers take up the responsibility for the kids and are patient in their ways, and play a part in guiding kids through their journey to explore the world.

Curriculum System:

Basic courses, characteristic courses, STEM, Arts, Gardening and Cooking, Chinese and English Picture Book Reading, Children’s drama, Chinese and Western festival activities.

School Facilities:

Outdoor activity venues, library , STEM classroom, Music room, Multi-function activity room, Art classroom.

Basic Information

  • Founding date 2018.9
  • Number of students 140
  • Class Size 20~26
  • Nationality of students Mainly Chinese students
  • Whether to accept foreign students Yes