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2022/09/02 11:15

Welcome Back To Vanke Kindergarten

2022/09/02 11:10

The best season is autumn
when all the children come back to school
welcome back everyone

2022/08/20 11:17

Hello name is Rebecca.
Today I’m going to teach you how to use clay to make hamburgers.

2021/04/27 15:11

阳光不热 微风不燥~是时候要运动起来了!一起玩出好春光!
跑步,拔河没新意?那就来玩一项更加有趣的全身性运动 橄榄球!

2021/04/27 15:02

The World Earth Day which falls on April 22 each year, is a special Day for The World’s environmental protection. Our children from Minhang Vanke Kindergarten also joined in the Earth Day environmental protection activities to have a meaningful day together.

2020/05/15 16:19

we are one of the DTD schools. VKPDK is affiliated with the Preschool education office of the Education Bureau Pudong. We provide full-time educating service for the 2-6years old kids which is from Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas

2020/05/15 16:17

The school’s goal is to make every child responsible and empathic, loving and curious, with an international perspective and a sense of global citizenship.

2020/05/15 16:16

The Kindergarten sets “inspire unlimited potential” as its core value, which is to integrate multi-cultural and promote harmonious development.

2020/05/15 16:14

Unlimited potential” is as the principle of our kindergarten. The campus is “child-oriented” and designed to be full of fun,