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News & Stories

2019/07/02 11:22

To our dear children:
If life is like a rainbow, then you are the seven colors
If life is a candle, then you are the matchstick
If life is the ocean, then you are the fish
If life is a book, then you and us are in it
Today, the book will start a new chapter.
Teachers want to end your kindergarten journey with this unforgettable ceremony

2019/06/17 11:30

On June 11, 2019, our kindergarten held the first Parent-Child Sports Day – “Happy Sports, Happy Time”! All parents and children were so happy! Let’s fsee how much fun we had on Sports Day!
Sports Day was divided into two parts. The first part was the opening ceremony and ourdoor sports games and awards. The second part was the in-door sports games. We designed eight sports games in total.

2019/06/17 9:00

Ater 23 years of development and exploration, Vanke DTD Education has now covered Public Education, Private Education and Empowering Education, and has participated in teaching management wilth 15 schools and kindergartens, with a total of more than 4600 students, at capacity DTD will be able to provide educational services for nearly 10,000 studentscovering children aged 2-18. DTD Education shoulders social responsibility, promotes the development of education, inspires unlimited potential, and strives to become the preferred edu cation service provider for K-12 customers.